Qidong Overview

Qidong is located at the very east end of Jiangsu province and to the north of Yangtze River. Facing with the international metropolis,Shanghai,it is only 53 kilometers to Shanghai straightly.Qidong is a significant traffic hub joinging Shanghai,south and north Jiangsu,At present,Qidong has a totaol land of 1,208 square kilometers with a population of 1.12 million. There are 12 towns and 2 provincial economics development zones under its jurisdiction.

In recent years,Qidong has been seizing the historical opportunity of Yangtze River Delta integration and Jiangsu development along the river and sea timlely and pushed hark th promote industrail transition. Qidong has laid out 8 solid industrial foundations of electricity power,oceaneering equipment,electronics,post-surrounding industry,precision machinery,electric tools medicine chemicals and modern textile,In 2011, the scale of industrial output reached 102.9 billion yuan,the general financial revenue reached 10.3 billion yuan and the average budgeted revenue reached 4.4 billion yuan. Qidong ranked 41th of top 100 counties of comprehensive power in China an the second place of top 100 couties with most investment potential in China.

Depending on th particular location convenient traffic,abundant resources and great strategy,Qidong is becoming a new industrial city with good investment potential,vigorous development and charming atmosphere in Yangtze River Delta area.
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